Volunteer Opportunities: What role will you play?

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Join our team of dedicated mobilizers. We work from all over the country-- and world and use Slack and conference calls to communicate.

Candidate and Elected Official Liaison Team

Members of this team will act as liaisons for elected officials and candidates who are interested in Climate Mobilization. They will encourage the candidates and elected officials to be vocal about climate mobilization and take certain actions. Members of this team are deeply familiar with TCM’s platform—the content of our Pledge to Mobilize and Victory Plan. Ideally, people on this team have some experience working with politicians.  Click to here enlist now!

Communications Team

Write blog posts, e-mails to membership, organizing materials, and more. The Communications team helps craft and deliver TCM's message. Click to here enlist now!

Data Entry Team

Support our fearless organizers by putting their hand-written sign-up sheets into a Google Sheet. This position can have a 2 hour+/ week hourly commitment.  Click to here enlist now!

Database Team

The Database Team will be tasked with maintaining and analyzing membership data and ensuring the integrity and accuracy of database records. Members will preferably be tech savvy, detail oriented, and self motivated; extra credit for CRM or customer database management experience. Click to here enlist now!

Design Team

Are you inclined to design? Join our Design Team! Please either attach or link to your portfolio in your application. Click to here enlist now!

Development Committee

Do you have experience in one or more aspects of fundraising, from grant-writing, membership appeals, and phone banking to major gifts? Consider joining our development committee! The committee will be developing a comprehensive annual fundraising plan to make it possible to realize TCM’s goals in mobilizing the nation to fight climate catastrophe. If you have existing development relationships and/or knowledge of grantmaking institutions seeking to fund environmental issues, even better! If you have at least five hours a week, comfort and facility with telecommuting, and a strong desire to work to stop the irreversible effects of climate change, come and join us! Click to here enlist now!

Help Desk

We are generally overwhelmed at TCM, unable to keep up with all the incoming communications. The Helpdesk team will help us stay on top of communications and respond to people! You will answer incoming questions, including helping to develop and refine a set of templates for answering faqs. Click to here enlist now!

Legal/Compliance Team

Are you an attorney or law student who's looking to put your skills to use in building towards climate mobilization? Join us to conduct meaningful legal research and writing that will support our critical mission. Or maybe you're a compliance professional (or aspirant) who'd like to help us keep on top of our legal requirements! Click to here enlist now!

Organizing & Support Team 

This team helps support local organizers, as well as conducting central (usually online) organizing operations. Experience in organizing is of huge value.

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Policy Team

Can you help us translate the broad vision of the Victory Plan into mobilization policies and legislation that can be implemented at the local, state, and federal level?

We need people with interest and expertise in the law, sustainable technology, engineering, policy research, or planning to help us quickly draft mobilization policies, plans, and legislation commensurate with the climate emergency. That means going beyond gradualism and carbon pricing fundamentalism and tackling all the sources of greenhouse gas emissions and environmental destruction at wartime speed.

In particular, we need people who are willing to plan a maximum-intensity mobilization effort and to transgress the conventional wisdom that dominates climate and environmental policy making. We need help researching existing policies and programs, and designing policies that fit the requirements of specific regions and localities. Understanding of the need to restore a safe climate and reverse ecological overshoot is necessary.

Mobilization policy team members spend between 10-20 hours per week or more helping us meet the growing demand across the country for climate mobilization NOW! Click to here enlist now! 

Social Media Team

We're looking for adept social media users who are able to craft on-message posts for TCM’s Facebook and Twitter accounts after some initial training, and are then willing to help maintain and develop a consistent daily posting schedule in coordination with other team members. Our tone is mature, direct, respectful, but blunt and honest. Wry humor can work well, but we avoid snark and sarcasm — we want to be emotionally intelligent while embracing the seriousness of the climate crisis we’re facing. It can be tough to write messages that inspire people to action, but we will make the effort through our words.

Applicants should be self-starting, savvy Facebook and/or Twitter users, ideally with some experience maintaining engaging social media accounts. They should be able to write succinctly and quickly, with clear grammar and spelling, and thoughtfully, in a consistent voice and tone. They should be familiar enough with TCM’s message and mission to frame any content with our talking points. Finally, team members will be able to commit to at least 5-10 hours a week (at consistent times, at least initially). Click to here enlist now!

Tech-Ops Team

The Tech Operations, or TechOps", Team is looking for very tech savvy individuals who enjoy finding solutions to obstacles that arise using online software applications and planning setups for smart team use of sass services. Ideal candidates have great communication skills, are patient and self motivated. They can commit to regularly scheduled calls and wouldn’t mind being on call for certain hours.  They enjoy helping others work through technical difficulties. Finally, they've probably used superuser.com and lmgtfy.com at some point or look forward to using them (but of course, they’d never use the latter when interacting with our team members!), and they innately understand this flowchartClick to here enlist now!

Web Development Team

The Web Development Team is looking primarily for front end developers.  Ideal candidates can take a project from start to finish with little oversight and communicate with designers and product managers [read time strapped organizers who are not from a product design background]. Experience with Nation Builder is a major benefit, but not required.  We will work on a project by project basis which should be great if you have time between projects/assignments that you want to put to use. Click to here enlist now!

If you'd rather organize locally, you might think about starting your own crisis reading group or local chapter!

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    This is a very effective way to get involved for climate change.