War is horrible! Why would you reference WWII?

It is critical to note that we are calling for a WWII-Scale Climate Mobilization, not calling for a "Climate-War" or any kind of armed conflict. A WWII-scale climate mobilization's central goal is to protect as much life as possible from the ravages of climate change. We don't seek to kill anyone.

We use WWII to reference to a time in US history when 1) we were faced with an existential threat 2) we made meeting that threat our shared national purpose 3) we converted our economy and society at an extremely rapid, even "impossible" pace. It is an incredibly rich analogy, that provides us inspiration and guidance, including at a policy and governance level. If this sounds strange, please read, "No Ordinary Time" by Doris Kearns Goodwin or The Case for Climate Mobilization by Ezra Silk.

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