We play offense. And we need your help!

climate_iowa_cropped.jpgAllies, we need your help.

The Climate Mobilization and Climate Mobilization Project are true grassroots organizations, powered by dedicated volunteers and generous supporters.

We call for World War II-scale climate mobilization that eliminates net US emissions in less than 10 years, to protect civilization and the natural world. Our mission is the most ambitious and aggressive platform of any climate organization that I'm aware of. We tell the truth, even though it's hard. Where most climate organizations play defense, we play offense. 

Trump’s election and the rise of repressive authoritarian movements across the world makes it all the more important that we continue with this mission. These movements are determined to crush the truth, which is our only hope for survival.

Because of our work, 2016 was an incredible year for the spread of climate truth.

Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein joined a group of congressional candidates and local elected leaders to call for a WWII-scale climate mobilization. With our allies, we were also able to get the need for WWII-scale climate mobilization into the Democratic Party platform.

Bill McKibben and 350.org have now picked up the demand for a WWII-scale climate mobilization, and the very exciting Brand New Congress effort has incorporated into its platform a “mobilization on the scale of World War II” that transitions America to “100% renewable energy in 10 years.” Hundreds of federal candidates will run on this message in 2018 and 2020.

We’ve helped inspire this sea change in climate politics with very little money — about $150,000 in our entire existence. Most national environmental groups receive many millions of dollars every year. Imagine what we could do with a real budget! 

In order to continue and keep growing, we have launched a peer-to-peer campaign. We’re asking volunteers and supporters to make a fundraising profile and help us raise funds. More than 15 mobilizers have already made personal profiles.

Please help us fight for civilization and the natural world!

Read the personal stories of our Mobilizers and donate through one of their pages to show your support.  

We also invite you to make your own profile and help us bring in vital funds from your friends and family. It would be great to have you! To make your own profile, click go to the main fundraising page and click “Join” on the top right. It’s easy to do. We even have this sample letter, which explains the Project and our programs, to send to friends and family asking for help. 

Thank you for your generous support.

Margaret, Ezra, Nicole, and the entire Mobilization team.