Welcome Ralph Nader, new Pledge Signer!

The Climate Mobilization welcomes Ralph Nader, who signed the Pledge to Mobilize yesterday! Mr. Nader added one comment to his Pledge, "Bravo."

Mr. Nader has dedicated his life to protecting people and the natural world. We are proud and happy to have his support.

Mr. Nader was recruited by Mobilizer Jack Reich, who attended a workshop with Mr. Nader in Massachusetts on active citizenship. Jack presented the concept of The Climate Mobilization, and our upcoming National Climate Mobilization Day in front of the group, and Mr. Nader was intrigued. At dinner, Jack explained the concept in more detail.

Mr. Nader's signing comes as a time of rapid expansion for The Climate Mobilization. We are also preparing vigorously for National Climate Mobilization day (6.14.15), in which public events, large and small, will be held by Mobilizers across the country. In San Diego, Former Congressman and Mobilizer Jim Bates will recreate Paul Revere's ride-- warning that "Climate change is coming and we must mobilize!"

Join Ralph Nader,  Former Congressman Jim Bates, and the 1000+ other Americans, and now, people around the world, in taking the Pledge to Mobilize!


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