WOC & Allies Stand with Standing Rock



This event is endorsed by TCM NYC Chapter. It's organized by the extraordinary Agunda Okeyo!

This Direct Action is convened by WOC led collective #GOPHandsOffMe in community with Native activists, Black Women's Blueprint, and others including feminist/activist Gloria Steinem and Poet/Performance Artist Staceyann Chin. 

Direct Action Dec 7th at 4:00pm outside of NYC banking institution TBA (expect speakers and march between 4-6pm)

Clear demand - Said banking institution MUST divest from DAPL (b/c of enormous investment in supporting the pipeline) and call for those banking there to close accounts. 

The gendered violence at Standing Rock must be addressed: mostly WOC led and peaceful, numerous abuses by white male police officers are going largely uncovered in the mainstream media. On Dec 5th the Army Corps has been called in to dismantle the camps; confrontation is likely, especially because the Army Corps appears unwilling to follow the directive leaving the local police room to justify continued violent actions. Further, all of this is done amidst the revelation that president-elect Trump has up $50,000 invested in Energy Transfer Partners' pipeline venture. 

As the Inquisitor noted: 


"Even if Trump had zero investments in the DAPL, Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren donated $1.53 million in political contributions to his campaign. And Warren also donated more than $250,000 to other GOP campaigns in 2016. And Trump himself campaigned on the platform of approving the Keystone XL and the DAPL once he’s inaugurated."

Standing Rock in reflective of the anti racist, pro WOC, anti sexualized violence stance #GOPHandsOffMe aleady stands for. We must take a stand and be clear that GOP sanctioned racism and terrorism is not acceptable. This is not a terminal event, but one within the tide of resisatnce led by WOC. #WeStandWithStandingRock

  • December 07, 2016 at 6pm – 9pm
  • To Be Announced
  • Agunda Okeyo

Will you come?

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