Ann Arbor Municipal Primary Questionnaires August 2018

Election day is Tuesday August, 7Sample ballot can be found here.  
The questionnaires were conducted and prepared by Ann Arbor TCM.

Mayor | First Ward | Second Ward | Third WardFourth Ward | Fifth Ward

This past month, Ann Arbor TCM, invited mayoral and city council candidates to respond to a questionnaire to help voters be more informed about prospective representatives' approaches to climate action in advance of the August 7th primary. Many chose to participate, and all who did contributed extremely thoughtful responses; some chose to abstain. See how your potential representatives reacted to our mission to restore a safe climate in the links above.

This past year, cities and counties across the US, including Hoboken, NJ, Montgomery County, MD, Berkeley, CA, and most recently Richmond, CA have passed Declarations of Climate Emergency. These cities are becoming national  leaders in the fight to restore a safe climate, as well as advocates for a larger emergency climate mobilization. This is the role I hope and believe Ann Arbor will play, so I urge you to vote for candidates who prioritize aggressive climate action. 

If you'd like to view a sample ballot, you can find one at this link. Thanks for your time, and vote tomorrow!

Morgan Barrie
Ann Arbor Local TCM Organizer

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