Sen. Booker Champions Green New Deal After Meeting with TCM Chapter

Climate Mobilization organizers with our Hoboken, New Jersey Chapter played a key role in driving home the Climate Emergency message to NJ Senator Cory Booker, just weeks before he came out as the first Democratic Senator to support the Green New Deal.

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The Green New Deal legislative framework would create an economic mobilization focused on addressing climate change and providing high-quality green jobs to all who want one in the United States. It is being championed by an emerging cohort of Members of Congress who understand the Climate Emergency and the opportunities it poses for society-wide uplift as we address this existential threat. The core tenants of the Green New Deal align with the Climate Mobilization platform and we maintain close relationships with the leaders of this effort.

“We must take bold action on climate change & create a green economy that benefits all Americans. Excited to support a #GreenNewDeal,” Senator Booker tweeted on December 14.

This declaration of support comes on the heels of a November 28 meeting with Climate Mobilization organizers from our Hoboken, New Jersey Chapter, who organized a meeting with Senator Booker’s policy staff ahead of his endorsement. This meeting was arranged after our organizers were able to discuss climate policy face-to-face with the Senator at a campaign event, which led to an invitation to meet.

“We request that Senator Booker publicly advocate for Green New Deal Legislation, and back the creation of a select committee for the creation of a Green New Deal in the House of Representatives,” read the first of five requests put to the Senator by The New Jersey Climate Coalition, a group consisting of local organizers from Climate Mobilization, Food and Water Watch, The Sierra Club, ClimateMama, and The Coalition to Ban Unsafe Oil Trains, in a letter submitted to him during their meeting.

The Climate Mobilization Hoboken Chapter successfully achieved a previous landmark for the Climate Emergency Movement when Hoboken became the first city in the United States to declare a Climate Emergency and commit to a rapid timeline to eliminate emissions. This impact was specifically cited by the City of London in their declaration of Climate Emergency.

As of this writing, cities and local governments representing over 15 million constituents have made similar declarations and commitments to Climate Mobilization.

Senator Booker’s embrace of the Green New Deal is especially important to the Climate Emergency Movement, as early indications point to him being a leading contender in the Democratic Party’s primary elections to determine who will challenge President Trump in the 2020 election cycle. Senator Booker joins Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent from Vermont, as the second potential primary challenger to endorse the Green New Deal. Neither Senator has officially declared their candidacy as of this writing.

Embracing the Green New Deal appears to be a wise political strategy, not just for the contest between Democrats for the nomination, but potentially for the general election as well. In early polling, the policy has remarkable support across the political spectrum, with 81% of registered voters supporting it.


The poll, conducted by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and George Mason University, demonstrates the potential for a paradigm shift in American politics and an opportunity for a political breakthrough. The challenge now is for champions of this policy to keep the message clear and the demands focused.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Mobilus In Mobili.

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