First Look at 2018: City Mobilization Plans

The pilot City by City program has been gathering momentum as people from all areas of the country (and some in Canada!) are stepping up to drive their communities to a state of emissions “drawdown” within ten years. One question organizers receive is, "how could we possibly achieve such an ambitious goal? Is it even technically possible?" 

John Mitchell, a volunteer engineer, is helping them answer that question, producing technical implementation plans that active chapters can present to elected officials, showing a path to zero emissions within 8 years.

When he's not making plans for the Climate Mobilization, John works as a consultant to the electric power and water utility sectors and to state and provincial governments in the United States and Canada. A Navy-trained nuclear power plant operator, he has spent his career specializing in the design, implementation, and evaluation of cost-effective energy and water conservation programs. 

We'll be fully rolling out this effort in 2018, but you can have an early look at what racing to zero emissions looks like in eight cities across the country here!

Anya Grenier