Represent The Climate Mobilization With Our NEW Upcycled T-Shirts!

In times of crisis, it's nice to savor a bit of fun news when you can. Which is why we're happy to introduce our new & improved t-shirts! Featuring The Climate Mobilization's logo in the same style as our old shirts, the new ones display the "Iwo Jima" windmill silhouette on the back, so people can see on both sides that you're down to protect civilization as part of the climate resistance. 

Click here to get your shirt now! 

Our new merchandise partner, One Celsius, which manages the production, printing, and shipping of our t-shirts and is donating proceeds from each sale back to us, produces carbon-neutral apparel & accessories made in the USA. By using 100% recycled materials for their products, they save huge amounts of resources on production (the average cotton t-shirt takes roughly 400 gallons of water to produce!) as well as diverting waste from our landfills and oceans. They also support carbon reduction projects worldwide through the purchase of Gold Standard carbon offsets.

Anya Grenier