End Climate Silence Supports Climate Mobilization

Dr. Genevieve Guenther is a close personal friend and ally of Climate Mobilization. She is a Lecturer at The New School & Affiliate Faculty at its Tishman Environment and Design Center.  

The following is her enthusiastic endorsement of our work!


Friends, what a year it has been.

The reality of the climate emergency is starting to unfold. Increasingly people are being killed or their lives are being devastated by climate change’s accelerating violence. These tragic stories, and the fossil-fuel politics that cause them, are front page news almost every day. But all too often reporters and anchors, avoiding the truth, fail to link the stories they’re reporting to climate change itself.

That is why I created EndClimateSilence.org earlier this year. We encourage media outlets to tell the truth about climate change by supporting their efforts to give climate change the sustained and front-page coverage it deserves, but also by calling out reporters and anchors who remain silent about the climate emergency, asking them to answer for their behavior in public. We feel that the media is beginning to hear us and increasingly to speak the truth. And we owe whatever role we might play in the struggle to “cancel the apocalypse,” as The Climate Mobilization likes to say, to Margaret Klein Salamon. Margaret encouraged me to start End Climate Silence, inspiring me with her vision and passion to step up and do what I can to protect humanity and the natural world. In a grim political and ecological reality, her vision and passion is a beacon for us all.

That’s why I’m writing you to say we must come together to support The Climate Mobilization and the Climate Emergency Movement so we can make the truth matter.

The Climate Mobilization is doing absolutely essential work. They have succeeded tremendously in moving the climate movement into action on par with the challenge we face.  Because of their commitment to realistic solutions and the groundwork that they laid for the flourishing Climate Emergency Movement, there are 35 members of the House of Representatives calling for a “Green New Deal”— a 10 year transition to zero emissions, and more than 40 organizations supporting it. Further, Extinction Rebellion has taken the ball and run with it, starting a global movement in the streets demanding zero emissions by 2025.

We have only begun to fight! In this next phase of the movement, we need The Climate Mobilization more than ever, pushing individuals and governments to ever greater levels of ambition and commitment.

Please join me in supporting them with an end of year donation. If any work deserves your support this season, it is the all-out effort to demand climate truth and real climate action.

Genevieve Guenther, PhD
Director, EndClimateSilence.org

p.s. Check out this video of a conversation Margaret and I had in October for more!

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