U.S. Emergency Declaration breaks into the national media

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UPDATE: Climate Emergency Declaration has been introduced in the Senate as S.Con.Res.22 and in the House as H.Con.Res.52.

As you probably already know, very prominent Members of Congress — seven of whom are running for president — are championing a strong Climate Emergency Declaration for the United States that includes many of our key priorities for the climate emergency movement. 

The original champions — Senator Bernie Sanders and Representatives Earl Blumenauer and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — have been gathering co-sponsors and spreading the word about the emergency. Currently 55 members are on record backing this important first step toward a real mobilization, as are over 40 organizations. Read the full list of co-sponsors and supporting organizations and read the Fact Sheet about the resolution.

One of our greatest initial victories from this effort is that “climate emergency” and “climate mobilization” have entered  the public discussion — and many of the media stories focused on the international effort to bring local governments into emergency mode; right now we’re about to surpass 800 local governments in 17 countries that have declared

Here’s a selection of some of the most impactful media pieces from just the first half of July:

Another major boost for the campaign came from the media team at NowThis and Academy Award-winning director, writer, and producer Adam McKay (Vice, The Big Short, Anchorman) who is a Climate Mobilization Champion! This video is approaching 200,000 views on Twitter, over 100,000 on Facebook and climbing!


Some people on our email list are new, while others have been with us for months or even years. There has never been a better opportunity to move the public and our leaders into emergency mode. Join us in whatever way you can!

Sign the petition to Congress and share it on Facebook and on Twitter.

Visit your Members of Congress at their office and ask them to sign on. 

Make a donation! Now is the moment to recharge our batteries and keep us strong. 

Matt Renner