Nat’l Declaration OpEd in The Hill + Pence Grilled

By Margaret Klein Salamon, executive director

Friday's edition of The Hill — a prominent Washington D.C. newspaper — featured an article I wrote about the need for a National Climate Emergency Declaration. A short excerpt follows:

No one is planning for the collapse of civilization, for food shortages, epidemics and mass displacement, but that could happen as the result of a major climate disaster. The vast majority of Americans move ahead with their daily lives as normal. Few actually consider the national, global and personal implications of the breakdown of our climate.

This is not something most of us want to pay attention to. It’s scary and overwhelming, so we leave it to scientists and politicians and focus on our careers, our families, or recreational pursuits. But the climate emergency is no longer a future threat; it’s here, and we underestimate it at our own peril. It’s devastating the Midwest, our bread basket, with flooding and tornadoes. It’s causing wildfires and melting Arctic ice at an unprecedented rate. A recent paper by Australians David Spratt and Ian Dunlop demonstrates how warming could cause the collapse of civilization by 2050. (Continued

Please go to The Hill’s website and share Moving into emergency mode on climate — we want to encourage them to keep covering this subject inside the D.C. bubble. Also, if you haven’t yet, please add your name to a letter to Congress demanding a national declaration of climate emergency, and invite your network to do the same. 

Speaking of reaching into the D.C. bubble, CNN's Jake Tapper may have read Friday’s copy of The Hill before his grilling of Vice President Pence on Sunday.

During the interview, Tapper used the Climate Emergency frame three times to drive home the risks to the United States, which official Washington continues to ignore or downplay. Tapper asked “Do you think human induced Climate Emergency is a threat to the United States?” And followed up with “Is what people are calling the ‘Climate Emergency,’ is it a threat?”  Watch the full exchange here.

The urgency of getting the language right could not be higher. Because of the Climate Emergency Movement activists across the globe, the conversation is rapidly moving in the direction of Climate Truth. And not a moment too soon. Please continue to amplify and organize — a real Climate Mobilization is possible with your help.

Matt Renner