Statement — Hurricane Dorian, Devastating Warning of the Reality of Climate Emergency

BROOKLYN (August 29, 2019)—The Climate Mobilization issued the following statement regarding Hurricane Dorian’s devastation of the Bahamas, resulting in at least five deaths and over 2 dozen injuries and unprecedented disaster in the small island nation.

Our thoughts are with the people of the Bahamas and we urge the public and our nation to support recovery efforts there. The devastation of Hurricane Dorian is a clear warning that the climate emergency is not coming; it’s already here and already killing people. Unless we move with the urgency necessary to begin a massive WWII-scale mobilization against the ongoing climate emergency, we will have failed in our responsibility to protect our nation, and other nations, and families from the utter destruction associated with these types of storms. Global warming means a warmer planet producing more rain, increasing flooding and magnifying the intensity of storms –we need to face the truth of the climate emergency and act like that truth is real! We call upon members of Congress who have yet to support the call for declaring a national climate emergency to do so now and take the climate emergency seriously,” said Margaret Klein Salamon, founder and Executive Director of The Climate Mobilization and author of the forthcoming book Facing the Climate Emergency: How to Transform Yourself With Climate Truth

A Brooklyn-based national group responsible for ushering in the call for a WWII-scale response to the climate emergency in the United States, The Climate Mobilization, played a key role in the development of a resolution calling on Congress to declare a Climate Emergency. The concurrent resolution has gained 62 cosponsors in the House of Representatives, and 7 in the Senate – including six of the seven senators running for president.

In June, The Climate Mobilization issued a petition supported by  more than 80 environmental and climate justice organizations including Mothers Out Front, Extinction Rebellion, Progressive Democrats of America, calling on Congress to declare a climate emergency in the U.S.  More than 970 governments in 18 countries across the world have already declared a climate emergency, including New York City, the largest city in the U.S. to do so.  In June, Los Angeles voted to create a new Office of Climate Emergency Mobilization and recently the city of Austin, Texas became the first US Southern city to declare a climate emergency. 


Marina Mails