An In-Depth Look at Climate Emergency Movement


France. Ireland. The United Kingdom.

And over 700 localities around the world.

What do these places have in common?

 Their governments have declared a climate emergency, making them part of a rapidly growing movement spreading the globe.



The Climate Emergency Campaign officially started in the city of Darebin, Australia—whose city government passed the first declaration of climate emergency in December 2016. Because of our work, Hoboken New Jersey became the third city in the world and the first city in the U.S. to declare a Climate Emergency in November, 2017. We have been on the forefront of working with grassroots organizers, local leaders, and organizations pushing their local governments into emergency mode, and their grassroots victories are building momentum around the world.

This campaign has already spread to sixteen countries and has been adopted by multiple organizations as a rallying cry for the next phase of the climate movement. Youth climate strikers and progressive politicians are talking about the climate emergency, and organizing for responses to match its scale.

Read a concise overview of the “Climate Emergency” global campaign here


Why Focus on Declarations for Local Governments?

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They generate momentum for local governments and residents to demand that state and federal officials take emergency action to restore a safe climate.


·         They create local solutions that eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and build a fairer economy, taking crucial steps toward a future of hope and community.


They break the deadly silence around the climate emergency by encouraging cities elsewhere to declare climate emergencies and commit to responding at emergency speed to restore a safe climate.

Cities and local governments have historically been the spark for progress, from minimum wage to civil rights. Local wins inspire other communities to follow and build a mandate for much-needed national mobilizations. For example, the Climate and Environment Emergency Declaration in the United Kingdom started in cities and local councils

Tracking Movement Progress

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Over 750 local governments in 16 countries have declared a climate emergency and committed to action to drive down emissions at emergency speed.

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Over 140 million people are represented by local governments that have declared a Climate Emergency.



This map tracks Climate Emergency Declarations across the world 


This data sheet tracks all declarations with links to more info.