The Push for a
Climate Emergency Mobilization Collaborative Effort in the Bay Area

Organizers started a wave of Climate Emergency declarations in June 2018, starting in Berkeley and quickly moving to Richmond and Oakland. Many other cities are on the verge of declaring. These official statements recognizing the Climate Emergency and committing to Climate Mobilization work to catalyze a global response to the climate emergency by organizing in three directions:

  • Reaching upwards to county, state and federal governments, urging them to launch climate emergency mobilizations, provide financial assistance to the region, and pass regulations to support the mobilization

  • Reaching outwards and forming alliances with other local governments to coordinate climate emergency programs, and to push for emergency action at higher levels of government

  • Reaching inwards to solidify the transformation of the Bay Area’s economy by transforming municipalities’ own operations as well as a carrying out a public education and engagement campaign that spreads awareness of the climate emergency and increases residents’ commitment to supporting the effort.

Will more regions follow the Bay Area’s lead?  That all depends on volunteers like you. 

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