The City by City Approach

  • Ambitious organizers and policymakers fight to transition their city to zero emissions in ten years.

  • Remote support teams create the tools they need to make mobilization a reality in their cities.

Here is an overview of our work so far: 



TCM organizers are kicking off city campaigns by passing climate emergency declarations.

This important step puts city leadership on record and builds momentum behind a local mobilization campaign. Hoboken, NJ and Montgomery County, MD passed resolutions unanimously. We are working on a template organizers can tailor.

Resolution passed in Hoboken, NJ
Resolution passed in Montgomery County, MD



Our policy team researches and drafts legislation with the power to start cities mobilizing.

On January 17, 2018, the Los Angeles city council introduced two motions to establish and fund the nation's first Climate Emergency Department, which would have the power to commence a rapid and just climate mobilization of the city.


LA City Apparatus Motion
LA Funding Apparatus Motion


Implementation Plans

Our engineering team drafts implementation plans to outline a clear path to zero emissions.

By creating concrete transition plans, we help organizers recruit and build excitement around local mobilization efforts. We provide local plans for active chapters, coalitions and elected officials dedicated to rapid transition.

See transition plans for eight cities from Boston to Boulder here. 

[The Draft Technical Implementation Plan] and breakdown is absolutely tremendously superb. This has got to be the most important document in the world on climate change today.
— Peter Carter, founder of the Climate Emergency Institute and expert IPCC reviewer