Join a Community that Understands the Climate Crisis. 

Become a Mobilizer Backer! Supporters who commit $30/month (we also have a $5/reduced option) are invited to participate in monthly Mobilizer Backer calls, updates and discussions. 



Life in the Climate Crisis: A Psychological Discussion Series

These 90 minute monthly calls are a time to share and learn about the personal, emotional side of the climate crisis, and are lead by TCM Director and clinical psychologist Margaret Klein Salamon. Callers will volunteer to share their stories, and thoughts on the theme of the week. The calls are a time of reflection, sharing, and experiencing the fellowship of being with others who live in climate truth. 

Recent topics have included: Close Relationships, Guilt and Grief. 

The "Strategy and Politics Call"

On this monthly call, different leaders from within TCM and other organizations talk about TCM’s strategy and the work they have been doing, comment on current events, the state of politics and the climate movement. Then they will take questions and hear feedback from Mobilizer Backers.

A recent Mobilizer Backer call with Paul Gilding, former CEO of Greenpeace International.

Paul Gilding joined our April Mobilizer Backer Call.

Gilding's book, The Great Disruption (2011) and Ted Talk The Earth is Full (2012) laid the foundation for the climate emergency movement, and for The Climate Mobilization organization. Margaret Klein Salamon, the founder and director of The Climate Mobilization checks in with Paul on whether he is still feeling confident about his predictions, and they discuss when and how the emergency mobilization will commence.