Climate Emergency

1. A cascading breakdown of the climate system due to unsustainable extractive economic and social forces, posing an existential risk to humanity and life on earth.

Usage: All science and lived experience tell us that we are in a Climate Emergency today—it is time to tell the truth.


What you can do right now:


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Check out our quick breakdowns on climate science, psychology, and why climate mobilization is the only viable solution. Or do a deeper dive into our Key Documents library. 

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Climate Mobilization

1. The emergency-speed transformation to an equitable, zero emissions, climate-restoring economy, in order to reverse global warming, halt the sixth mass extinction of species, and prevent the collapse of civilization.

Usage: In response to the climate emergency, the U.S. must launch a Climate Mobilization on a scale not seen since the mobilization leading up to and during World War II.


To protect our world from collapse, we need a new approach:

Climate Mobilization.  

Emergency Speed 

There is no more time for multi-decade solutions. We need to reach zero emissions and drawdown in a decade or faster. This will take massive reductions in carbon emissions and concerted action on a scale we haven’t seen since the home front mobilization during World War II.


We can't solve a problem we refuse to look at. Climate change is outpacing official predictions and accelerating due to feedback loops. Previous targets and timelines for climate action are based on bad data. If we don’t act now, Earth could become uninhabitable in a matter of decades.

Whole society 

A true solution to the climate emergency must account for all sources of greenhouse gases and ecological overshoot. This means an all-hands-on-deck transformation of all sectors of our economy and society. In the process, we can build more resilient, compassionate, and just communities that work for everyone.


Climate Truth

1. The recognition that the climate and ecological emergencies will cause the collapse of civilization within decades unless a rapid transformation of our economy and society is undertaken.

Usage: If we reckon with climate truth emotionally, socially, and intellectually, we can become the heroes humanity needs by taking responsibility for reversing the climate and ecological crises that now imperil our survival.


Join the Climate Emergency Movement

The Climate Emergency Movement is a network of organizations and leaders doing everything in our power to prevent the collapse of civilization.

We urge our allies and communities to respond to the Climate Emergency and demand that all governments organize a fair and just mobilization of our economy and society on a scale not seen since World War II.