Respond to the Climate Emergency

Leading cities and counties across the U.S. are beginning to shift into climate emergency mode. To date, 17 cities and counties around the U.S. and over 1000 globally have declared a climate emergency and committed to ending greenhouse gas emissions at emergency speed. The Climate Mobilization has been a key leader in this effort. If you’d like to start a local Climate Emergency campaign, please fill out the form below to receive the “Guide to Starting a Climate Emergency Campaign” Organizer Toolkit:

Tools for Local Groups


You can share the following materials to engage your community around the severity of the Climate Emergency and the need for immediate action.

Presentation: The Need for a Climate Mobilization  

Presentation: Climate Emergency Resolutions Around the U.S.

Sample commitment cards so that people who attend an educational event, launch party or kickoff meeting can pledge to take action for a safe climate

Sample petition sheet asking elected representatives to take action for a safe climate

Planning a Successful Community Event

Books, including The Uninhabitable Earth and our accompanying Action Guide

Movies, including:

Tell Your City and County to Address the Crisis

Use these documents to prepare for a meeting and to present the facts to local decision-makers.

Together, we will mobilize the U.S., city by city!