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Taking Back Tomorrow

Updates from the forefront of the Climate Emergency Movement. 

San Francisco and Chico declare a Climate Emergency

San Francisco becomes the largest city in the region to declare climate emergency, joining Berkeley, Richmond, Oakland, Alameda, Hayward, and Fairfax in a growing regional coalition of cities set on a just transition and climate action at emergency speed. Chico, California, located in a region wracked by climate shocks in recent years, has also declared a climate emergency.

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The exponential growth of local Climate Emergency declarations

This time last year, only 2 local governments in the United States and a small handful of cities around the world had made a declaration of Climate Emergency. As of March 22, 2019, 413 local governments had declared a Climate Emergency and made a commitment to rapid, just transition away from fossil fuels.

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10 Years to Zero: News and Action for Tomorrow

The past few weeks have seen huge, hopeful developments toward mobilizing the United States to address the Climate Emergency. We’re pleased to share a snapshot of recent developments like the youth climate strike, recent press about the Climate Emergency Movement, civil disobedience, and the Green New Deal.

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Time to Panic, then Take Action

Join the movement: lobby for your city to declare Climate Emergency and commit to eliminating emissions within ten years. Read our Action Guide and Sign up for our Mobilizer Orientation Call on February 26.

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Green New Deal is a Breakthrough

The Green New Deal resolution, introduced today by Senator Ed Markey and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the most realistic and important statement to date by national leaders in the United States regarding the severity of the Climate Emergency and the opportunity to address this crisis through an economic and social mobilization, at a scale and speed not seen since World War II.

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10 Years to Zero: A Newsletter of the Climate Emergency Movement

Welcome to the Climate Emergency Movement Newsletter. In this regular update, we’ll highlight successful direct action by climate activists who are building local momentum for a global transformation.  We hope you’ll read more about these amazing activists’ work and join where you can and however you can.

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The Big Short: A Climate Parable

We can imagine a Jenga game labeled with all the things that make civilization possible. Instead of A, B, AA, etc the blocks could say things like,  “wheat yields,” “water access” “public health” and so on. When the climate crisis damages too many of these, the whole tower will fall: civilization itself will collapse.

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