The Transformative Power of Climate Truth

By Margaret Klein Salamon, PhD
Latest Publication: Jan, 2019

The moral and philosophical foundation of The Climate Mobilization, this paper explores the transformative power – and strategic necessity – of speaking the truth about climate change. Originally published April, 2015, it has now been updated and extended several times.

We believe that the climate movement's greatest and most underutilized strategic asset is truth: we are now in a planet-wide climate crisis that threatens civilization and requires an immediate, all-out emergency response. We believe that this mobilization can be achieved only through valuing and actively spreading climate truth. TCM is dedicated to action and communication that spreads and amplifies climate truth.

The Transformative Power of Climate Truth


With her unique background as a psychologist, social anthropologist and her remarkable skills as an organizer, Margaret rips the cover off denial and inaction on the climate crisis and exposes the truth, unflinchingly, of humanity's plight. No more incremental steps. We must now, collectively, be in "emergency mode" and to do this we must tell the truth! The strategies Salamon so carefully and knowingly lays out are our hope. Read this exceptionally well argued exhortation to action, and see how each of us is critical to the WW2 mobilization she advocates - and see why it is growing exponentially and is the only mission that can pull us back from the brink. Thank you MKS for this brilliantly conceived, urgent call to arms.

Lisa Van Susteren, MD