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    The Climate Mobilization Begins in Los Angeles!

    Allies, Last Wednesday was historic for the climate mobilization cause in Los Angeles: we joined Naomi Klein, City Councilmember Paul Koretz, Republican Mayor of Lancaster, CA, and a coalition of leading Angeleno community organizers to announce the formation of a Climate Justice Mobilization 2025 working group. Its mission: to achieve a carbon-neutral Los Angeles by 2025, through a WWII-scale climate mobilization rooted in environmental justice and the principles of the Leap Manifesto!
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    Blueprint for a Climate Emergency Movement

    Allies— After Donald Trump’s election, we went back to the drawing board. “How are we going to successfully commence climate mobilization under these insane political conditions?!” we asked. We devoted hundreds of hours to reading, conversation and study to attempt to answer this question. We are now excited to share some of the conclusions we came to, in the form of our Blueprint for a Climate Emergency Movement, developed collaboratively by The Climate Mobilization and authored by Anya Grenier. We solicited feedback from a number of organizers, writers and allies working in different parts of the climate movement and other movement struggles during this process. 
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Why Join
The Mobilization?

CLIMATE CHANGE threatens the
collapse of civilization within
this century.
Confronting this crisis is the
great moral imperative
of our time.
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We Demand a Government-led Mobilization to Restore a Safe Climate

We call for a government-coordinated mobilization of our economy and society to end US net emissions by 2025.

The hour is far too late for a gradual, multi-decade transition off of fossil fuels. We need to transition off fossil fuels and carbon intensive agriculture NOW and start removing excess C02 from the atmosphere.

The WWII homefront mobilization provides an excellent example of how the United States can achieve incredible things when we pursue an essential national mission.

We Call for Full Employment and Fair, Shared Sacrifice

The Climate Crisis demands an all-hands-on-deck response—all sectors, individuals, and institutions doing their part. This was accomplished during the WWII homefront mobilization—soldiers risked their lives, industry shifted to produce armaments rather than consumer goods, and universities worked with the government to produce cutting edge research across fields.

To protect vulnerable workers we call for a job guarantee—that anyone who wants to serve their country and global community by participating directly in the climate mobilization will have that opportunity.

Further, mobilization calls on individuals to sacrifice as well. As in WWII we believe that sacrifice should be shared equitably. During WWII for example, gas, tires, meat, sugar, stockings and razorblades were rationed.

We Demand a Rapid Transformation of Our Energy & Agricultural Systems

We call for a ban on new investment in the fossil fuel infrastructure and a scheduled early retirement of existing fossil fuel infrastructure and facilities. We call for the closing of all US fossil fuel production and consumption by 2025, and globally by 2030.

In order to meet America's energy needs, and to help the world meet theirs, we call for a massive scale-up of renewable energy production. The government will partner with existing businesses to scale up production and also will also partner with universities and private companies to continue research into improving renewable energy.

Agricultural production needs to be intensely localized-- emphasizing  growing food at home and at community gardens. Permaculture practices must be utilized on large and small farms. As in World War II, we believe meat and fish consumption should be limited.

We Call on Politicians to Pledge to Mobilize

We are inviting all of our elected representatives and candidates to Pledge to Mobilize, and we are building power in our communities in order to pressure them to do so. Vice Magazine called the Pledge to Mobilize, “likely the most ambitious pledge to fight climate change put forward this election cycle”.

A group of courageous elected leaders and candidates have already signed the Pledge to Mobilize.

News & Updates:

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    In Charlottesville and everywhere, solidarity against fascism and white supremacy.

    With the rest of you, we were appalled at the explosion of domestic terrorism in Charlottesville, VA, in recent days. We mourn for the life of Heather Heyer, and are praying for her loved ones and for the recovery of the dozens who were injured under attack by white supremacists.  As we mourn, we are also moved and inspired by the incredible courage of the unarmed people and clergy who stood their ground against what amounted to a small militia of Nazi-sympathizers and modern KKK members. We all need this kind of moral courage as we face both the climate and political turmoil ahead.
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    The Planet Is Warming. And It’s Okay to Be Afraid

    Last week, David Wallace-Wells wrote a cover story for New York Magazine, “The Uninhabitable Earth,” on some of the worst-case scenarios that the climate crisis could cause by the end of this century. It describes killer heat waves, crippling agricultural failures, devastated economies, plagues, resource wars, and more. It has been read more than two million times. The article has caused a major controversy in the climate community, in part because of some factual errors in the piece — though by and large the piece is an accurate portrayal of worst-case climate catastrophe scenarios. But by far the most significant criticism the piece received was that it was too frightening.
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    Way Beyond Paris: Trump's National Shame — and an Opportunity for All Of Us

    It was widely reported yesterday that the Trump Administration is poised to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Today at 3pm, Donald Trump will hold a reality-TV type ceremony in the Rose Garden to announce his decision. Climate Mobilization Director Margaret Klein Salamon issued the following statement:
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    March with Us in DC—and Other Ways to Fight Back!

    Allies — With its recent attacks, the Trump presidency is priming millions of Americans to enter climate emergency mode. The movement for a safe climate is only growing stronger.
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    San Diego Climate Mobilization Rally Builds On Anti-Trump Fervor

    On Tuesday evening, San Diegans turned out en masse outside their city's federal building to resist President Donald Trump's policy of climate change denial, and to rally for a massive national mobilization to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions within a decade, revitalize the American economy with full employment, and restore a safe climate. The event, organized by the San Diego chapter of The Climate Mobilization led by La Jolla couple Nancy and Derek Casady, was the latest in a groundswell of local demonstrations after Trump's election, reported the San Diego Union Tribune. Police estimated that about 500 people attended, while organizers estimated upwards of 1,000 — over 2,600 had RSVP'ed on the Facebook event page. 
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    Represent The Climate Mobilization with our new upcycled T-shirts!

    In times of crisis, it's nice to savor a bit of fun news when you can. Which is why we're happy to introduce our new & improved t-shirts! Featuring The Climate Mobilization's logo in the same style as our old shirts, the new ones display the "Iwo Jima" windmill silhouette on the back, so people can see on both sides that you're down to protect civilization as part of the climate resistance. 
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    We play offense. And we need your help!

    Allies, we need your help. The Climate Mobilization and Climate Mobilization Project are true grassroots organizations, powered by dedicated volunteers and generous supporters. We call for World War II-scale climate mobilization that eliminates net US emissions in less than 10 years, to protect civilization and the natural world. Our mission is the most ambitious and aggressive platform of any climate organization that I'm aware of. We tell the truth, even though it's hard. Where most climate organizations play defense, we play offense.  Trump’s election and the rise of repressive authoritarian movements across the world makes it all the more important that we continue with this mission. These movements are determined to crush the truth, which is our only hope for survival.
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    Where do we go from here?

    Allies— Since Election Day, we at The Climate Mobilization have thought very hard about the implications that a Trump presidency will have on our strategy. We’ve come up with a tentative vision for a new way forward, and we want to hear your thoughts.
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    Allies, We at The Climate Mobilization were not expecting a President Trump. His election shows us that this country is desperate for change, but is still deeply in denial about the truth of the climate emergency. Our organizing plans for the upcoming year were centered around realizing the promises in the Democratic Party Platform of a first 100-days climate emergency summit and a WWII-scale climate mobilization. We are in the process of updating our strategy in light of the drastically altered political situation, and will be in touch very soon with draft strategies for going forward. Our general mandate to spread the truth of the climate crisis and organize power behind the demands for emergency mobilization will remain at the core of our movement.
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    Introducing the Climate Mobilization Victory Plan! (with Foreword by Paul Gilding)

    Since launching The Climate Mobilization, we have often been asked to explain specifically what a WWII-scale mobilization to restore a safe climate and save civilization would actually entail. Understanding the need to answer this question in greater detail, we decided it was imperative that I withdraw from my role coordinating TCM organizing efforts earlier this year and do just that. I spent a great deal of time reading books by leading thinkers on solutions to the climate emergency and the ecological crisis. I also consulted with experts in a range of fields and attempted to outline a set of broad policies and approaches that, if delivered, would give us a fighting chance to save civilization and protect the natural world.The result is draft one of The Climate Mobilization Victory Plan.
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Saving civilization will take a massive mobilization, and at wartime speed. The closest analogy is the belated U.S. mobilization during World War II.

Lester Brown

Earth Policy Institute President &
former USDA global issues specialist