Climate Emergency

Our leaders are asleep at the wheel

We urgently need a massive effort to reverse global warming and protect humanity and the natural world from collapse. Declaring a Climate Emergency is a critical first step.

Join the international grassroots movement of thousands of communities demanding their governments acknowledge the Climate Emergency and begin to mobilize immediately.

Campaign Impact

The Climate Emergency Movement Has Arrived

The goal of the Climate Emergency Campaign is to compel governments to adopt an emergency response to climate change and ecological breakdown in order to reclaim OUR FUTURE.

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Million People

Any city can achieve the hugely ambitious goal of eliminating emissions in 10 years. That city will inspire action and lead the way.

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We offer a step by step blueprint for people and organizations to get their communities involved as emergency responders. Whether you’re an individual, part of a local chapter, or with a national group, we make it easy to move your community into emergency mode on climate.

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The strongest and most effective solutions to the climate emergency are often those driven by local communities.

What is a Climate Emergency Declaration?

A Declaration of Climate Emergency is a piece of legislation passed by a governing body such as a city council, a county board of supervisors, a state legislature, or even a national government. It puts the government on record in support of taking emergency action to reverse global warming. Resolutions vary around the world, with many governments including local climate impacts and new climate targets in their resolution.

For a local chapter or group, starting a declaration campaign can serve as a powerful rallying call to attract hundreds of new members and build power to demand change. 

Use our template to support the campaign for a Climate Emergency Declaration in your municipality. While we encourage the template be edited to meet local conditions and specific local government situations, we ask that you retain the core demands when advocating for a Climate Emergency .

Climate Emergency Declaration Resolution Template

State Government Declaration Template

The latest

Local Campaigns

Current strategic priorities for local campaigns

1. Pass declarations of Climate Emergency with commitment to reach zero emissions and begin carbon drawdown at emergency speed (10 years or less).

2. Local elected leaders become advocates for emergency Climate Mobilization to the public, to other cities, and to state and national gov’ts. 

3. Develop and implement mobilization policy locally, after declaration is passed.

Climate Emergency Campaigns
  • Large cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, TX
  •  National governments like Spain, the  EU,
  • Smaller cities and counties like Ann Arbor (MI), Hoboken (NJ),  and Chico (CA), Montgomery County (MD)

Have all joined in declaring a Climate Emergency!

Why Emergency?

Active Petition

Tell congress to declare a climate emergency now.

Now is the time for action. Now, while there is still a chance to make a real difference. Don’t wait. Send a letter to your Representative and Senator asking them to wake up and declare a climate emergency and take action that matches the scale of the emergency now, before it’s too late.

The goal of the climate emergency movement must be to collectively and immediately lead the public out of ‘normal mode’ and into ’emergency mode’