Who We Are 

We are a community and network of organizers, researchers, volunteers, and policymakers spanning the U.S. and extending internationally. We leverage organizing technologies and work on the ground with concerned individuals, communities, organizations, and governments to initiate a massive, economy- and society-wide Climate Mobilization to restore a safe climate.

Climate Mobilization Project is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to growing a movement of people calling for a truth-based response to climate change that matches the scope, scale, and speed of the emergency.

The Climate Mobilization is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit and a sister organization of Climate Mobilization Project. The Climate Mobilization supports the mission of Climate Mobilization Project through direct lobbying and political work.

Our Work and Impact

We work to spark an emergency response to the climate crisis and a collective awakening around the truth. Below is a short overview of our work and highlighted impacts to date.

MobIlize California — #MobilizeCA

After the 2016 election, Climate Mobilization pivoted to a City-by-City strategy and began collaborating with the office of Los Angeles City councilmember Paul Koretz and a coalition of like minded organizations to initiate a WWII-scale Climate Mobilization of L.A. Naomi Klein and the Leap L.A. Coalition also joined the effort, coordinating the first Leap gathering in the U.S. to further the L.A. Mobilization. After unprecedented wildfires devastated the area in December 2017, we worked with the office of L.A. Councilmember Koretz to research and develop a proposal for the legislative machinery that could begin coordinating a mobilization of Los Angeles. In January 2018 the motions were introduced with broad support from the council and in early May the council voted unanimously to explore the establishment of the country's first climate emergency mobilization department and set aside $500,000 in seed money toward the effort.

In June 2018, Berkeley declared a climate emergency and committed to an Emergency Climate Mobilization and Just Transition to end greenhouse gas emissions and begin drawing down the excess carbon in the atmosphere as quickly as possible. In July 2018, the City of Richmond in California also declared climate emergency and resolved to work to advocate for a mass mobilization at the local, state, national, and global levels. In September, Berkeley hosted the first ever Climate Emergency Town Hall with 50+ elected leaders and municipal/county staff representing cities and counties in the Bay Area. At the end of October, Oakland joined in, passing a robust declaration of Climate Emergency and a commitment to a regional collaboration for an immediate Just Transition and emergency mobilization effort to restore a safe climate.

Outside of California, Climate Mobilization chapters in Montgomery County, MD and Hoboken, NJ have successfully campaigned to pass Climate Emergency resolutions, becoming hubs for expanding regional mobilizations activity.

Moving the Movement

When the Climate Mobilization was founded at the People’s Climate March in 2014, there was no climate group publically organizing around the need for WWII-scale emergency speed transition. Since then, we have worked to establish an active “emergency climate movement” wing of the broader climate movement. By raising the profile of this idea in the public sphere, we have successfully influenced other organizations and movement leaders to adopt aggressive timelines and benchmarks that are more in line with the urgency of the crisis.

The evidence of impact is clear, as assertive wings of the Democratic Party as well as chapters of organizations such as 350.org and the Sierra Club adopt our prescriptions as core demands. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez signed our Pledge to Mobilize and has been outspoken specifically for the need for emergency mobilization as part of the push for a House Select Committee on the Green New Deal.

Democratic Party Primary and Platform

Our organizers successfully intervened in the 2016 Democratic primary elections, bringing WWII-scale Climate Mobilization into the discussion by successfully lobbying presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to embrace the idea.

In July 2016, the need for WWII-scale mobilization was adopted into the Democratic Party Platform thanks to Climate Mobilization advisor and ally Russell Greene who was appointed to the platform committee by Bernie Sanders. This commitment was reaffirmed in August 2018 when Democratic National Committee passed a resolution calling for “a national social and economic mobilization” to “address the climate emergency” and “restore a safe climate.”

Founding Story

We launched at the People's Climate March in 2014 as the first group organizing for a WWII-scale climate response, an idea that had emerged as a hidden consensus among climate experts.

Margaret Klein Salamon was earning her PhD in clinical psychology from Adelphi University when she began writing on her blog, The Climate Psychologist, about the need for a climate movement that was honest about the Climate Emergency and that demands WWII-scale Climate Mobilization.

Ezra Silk, a graduate in history and a journalist, encountered Margaret's writing while he was in the midst of his climate awakening, panicking about the dire implications of the climate crisis. He joined Margaret and together they built the organization from the ground up.

Ezra also brought his college roommates into the effort: Ashik Siddique, who studied neuroscience at Wesleyan University, and had conducted research on post-traumatic stress disorder with combat veterans and Ryan Brill, who contributed his expertise in human-computer interaction, while he earned an MA in the field.

Councilmember Koretz introduces motions to establish a Department that would coordinate the mobilization of Los Angeles.

Councilmember Koretz introduces motions to establish a Department that would coordinate the mobilization of Los Angeles.