What does WWII-scale Climate Mobilization really mean?


The Climate Mobilization's "Victory Plan" aims to detail how a fully mobilized United States government could drive our economy to net zero greenhouse gas emissions within a decade, restore a safe climate, end the sixth mass extinction, reverse ecological overshoot — and revitalize America, with 100% employment for all who want work. 

This is far beyond anything proposed in today’s polite political debates about climate action. We believe that unless policymakers, advocates, and citizens envision what "victory" might actually look like when facing the complexity of our looming emergency, it's impossible to determine a horizon for our ambitions that is in line with the increasingly stark realities of climate science.

Thanks to TCM co-founder Ezra Silk for this enormous effort, and to our ally Paul Gilding for providing an excellent foreword.

For a 10-page overview of this comprehensive document, please read the Executive Summary by Josh King, Robert Shapiro, and John Mitchell.

This is still in draft form, and we are seeking input from experts and citizen Mobilizers to help us take it to the next level.

Any constructive feedback is welcome. Please let us know what you think! Read the comments and join us at our discussion forum!