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People are waking up to climate truth:

We face a Climate Emergency.

Only WWII-scale Climate Mobilization can protect humanity and the natural world.

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Join the fight for an emergency climate mobilization to protect all of humanity.

No one else is coming to save the climate: it’s up to us. 


Climate Emergency

We’re working to compel governments in the US and throughout the world to declare Climate Emergency, adopting an emergency response to climate change and the broader ecological crisis.

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Climate Truth

We believe in telling the whole truth about the climate emergency, and transforming the emotional power of our response into personal and collective action.


Climate Mobilization

We develop and pioneer climate mobilization: An all-out effort to deploy the strongest and most aggressive solutions for reversing climate breakdown.

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What you can do right now:



Congress is considering a Declaration of Climate Emergency right now. But we need more representatives to co-sponsor the resolution for it to pass. Sign the petition, sign up to visit your reps, & join actions now! 

Get Involved 

There's a role for everyone! Join tens of thousands of people in more than 740 cities and counties who have launched Climate Emergency campaigns — sign our Pledge to Mobilize or join The Climate Mobilization as a volunteer.  


Start a monthly contribution to become a MOBILIZER. Or make a donation to strengthen our work. Your support makes this all possible.

We’ve led the way by telling the truth and demanding a solution that meets the scale of the problem. Read more about our impact.


Key Documents


Explores the transformative power and strategic necessity of speaking the truth about climate change. 


Explains the psychological foundation of our strategy and approach.


The U.S. can eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions at wartime speed, contribute to a global effort to restore a safe climate, and reverse ecological overshoot through massive WWII-scale mobilization. Here’s how.