Advisory Board 


Betsy Taylor
President of Breakthrough Strategies & Solutions, Inc.

Former International Representative for the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, Betsy is the President of Breakthrough Strategies & Solutions, a consulting firm advancing the field of climate solutions and soil carbon sequestration.


David Spratt
Breakthrough Centre for Climate Restoration

Co-author of "Climate Code Red" (2008) and papers including Climate Reality Check and, with Ian Dunlop, "Dangerous Climate Warning: Myth, Reality, and Risk Management." 


Elizabeth Yeampierre
Executive Director of UPROSE

Director of Legal Education and Training at the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund, Director of Legal Services for the American Indian Law Alliance and first Latina Chair of the US EPA National Environmental Justice Advisory Council.


Jamila Raqib
Executive Director of Albert Einstein Institute

Raqib has worked with Dr. Gene Sharp, the world’s foremost scholar on strategic nonviolent action since 2002. As the director of the Albert Einstein Institute she promotes the study and use of strategic nonviolent action. 


Laura Dawn Murphy
Founder and Creative Director of Art Not War

Former Creative Director for MoveOn.Org, Dawn is an accomplished musicianvideo director, book editor and expert in the intersections of art and organizing. 


Laurence Delina
Scholar on Climate Mobilization

Currently a post-doctoral associate at Boston University, Delina specializes in governance issues and sustainable development. He has previously worked as a consultant to the United Nations. 


Lise Van Susteren

An expert on the intersection of climate change and mental health, Lise serves on Harvard's Center on Public Health and the Global Environment and convened the group Interfaith Moral Action on Climate.


Marshall Herskovitz
Film director, writer, and producer

Former President of the Producers Guild of America, Marshall is a staunch advocate of a World War II-scale climate mobilization and has advised TCM since its pre-launch days.  


Michael E. Mann
Climatologist and Geophysicist

Director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University, Mann is the lead author of the IPCC Third Assessment Report, and author of The Madhouse Effect. 


Paul Gilding
Author and Entrepreneur

Former executive director of Greenpeace International and author of the widely acclaimed book "The Great Disruption" (2011). 



Gus Speth
Professor and environmental lawyer

Senior fellow at Demos, the Democracy Collaborative, and the Tellus Institute, Speth previously founded the World Resources Institute and co-founded the Natural Resources Defense Council. He formerly served as the Dean of the Yale School of Forestry. 



Philip Sutton
Author and activist

Co-author of "Climate Code Red" (2008) and Australian climate activism leader, Sutton has worked with the Breakthrough Centre for Climate Restoration. he has advised TCM since its pre-launch days. 



Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr
President of the Hip Hop Caucus

Minister, community activist, and organizer of high-profile campaigns to engage young voters, Yearwood is a national leader of the climate justice movement and advocate of the zero emissions imperative. 



Richard Heinberg
Senior Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute

Educator, prolific journalist and author of twelve books, including some of the seminal works on society's current energy and environmental sustainability crisis.



Russell Greene
People Demanding Action, Board President

Former Executive Vice President of the Cheesecake Factory, Russell also serves as co-chair for the Justice Action Mobilization Network. He was appointed by Sen. Sanders to the DNC Platform Committee. 



Tom Weis
President of Climate Crisis Solutions

Co-founder of American Wind Wildlife Institute and creator of Ride for Renewables. Tom played an important role in defeating Keystone XL North and helped pioneer the zero emissions concept.