Transition is inevitable, justice is not

In one form or another, transition is inevitable. With 11,000 scientists telling us that we are now in a state of climate emergency, there is no doubt that our current era will come to a close. The question is how. Corporate profits and corruption can continue to soar, but the damage and human suffering they cause will rise faster still, hitting those least responsible the hardest, and possibly causing the collapse of civilization. This is one possible future. 

We can choose another future. One where emissions have decreased and been reversed, and humanity thrives, living in a radically different relationship with its environment. A future where inequality, racism and all ‘isms’ no longer exist.

We agree with the Climate Justice Alliance: transition is inevitable but justice is not. In calling for immediate transformational change to all aspects of society, we must commit to a just and equitable resolution of the climate emergency. 

To the Climate Justice Alliance, thank you for decades of leadership. The Climate Mobilization Stands in solidarity with you. For much needed changes to finally materialize, we must all fight together for a rapid and Just Transition. It must uplift all communities, families, and workers alike.

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