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The Climate Mobilization Calls on Biden to Embrace Sanders’ Climate Advocacy

Brooklyn (April 10, 2020)—The Climate Mobilization issued the following statement regarding the decision by Senator Bernie Sanders to suspend his campaign for the Democratic nomination for President.

The candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders was transformative for politics in the United States. His campaign tackled head-on the most complex issues of our time — the Climate Emergency, racial justice, economic inequality, healthcare, and countless others — and showed the world the pathway forward to a safe, just, and equitable future. 

More than any other politician, Sanders understands the existential threat that the Climate Emergency continues to pose to communities across the United States, especially poor communities and communities of color most impacted by climate devastation, air and water pollution, and other environmental harm. From introducing the Congressional Climate Emergency resolution and the Ban Fracking Act, to releasing the most comprehensive Green New Deal plan of any candidate, Senator Sanders demonstrated throughout his campaign his commitment to taking on the fossil fuel industry and corrupt political interests that threaten the futures of billions on this planet. 

The Climate Mobilization supports Senator Sanders’ call for an emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic and his continued advocacy for a whole-society. We now call on Vice President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party to embrace Sanders’ aggressive plans to help us take back our future from fossil fuel companies through a massive fight against the Climate Emergency and the commitment to a rapid transformation of our economy towards a zero emissions future.”

Margaret Klein Salamon, founder of The Climate Mobilization and author of the forthcoming book Facing The Climate Emergency: How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth.

Note for Editors: Biden received a D+ on The Climate Mobilization’s Climate Reality Check Scorecard in February. Senator Sanders received a B+ and the endorsement of The Climate Mobilization.

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