Time to Mobilize: Michael Mann for Climate Mobilization

Dear Friends and Allies,

Never underestimate the power of a transformational idea.

The scientific work by my colleagues and me that resulted in the iconic “hockey stick” graph showing the unprecedented nature of the current spike in global temperatures changed my life forever. And if you’re reading this email, I would guess that you have seen this graph and perhaps it left an indelible mark on your consciousness too.

When it comes to climate change, the scientific evidence is clear that it is real—and human-caused, and if anything, we have been underestimating the impacts of climate change in official reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. On our current path, we could experience 6-8 feet of sea level rise by the end of the century, along with other catastrophic impacts.

This is the time to support real strategies that demand change at the scale and speed required.

There is good news. 81% (!) of Americans support a Green New Deal to drive power sector emissions to zero in ten years or less, deploy green jobs guarantee, and upgrade our essential infrastructure. [1]  Unlike any time before, we have the opportunity to shift into high gear in order to get to a zero-emissions civilization, all at the speed and scale required by this crisis.

What is paramount now, is that we take action with clarity and the uncompromising spirit that is essential for winning against the odds.

I believe a World War II-scale Climate Mobilization is the transformational idea that can once again unify all of us, in a global effort to avert catastrophic climate change, and live sustainably on this planet.  

But we must act now. Please join me in supporting Climate Mobilization with a year-end contribution — they understand where we need to go and how to get there and are doing essential work to bring this message to the world. They have been on the forefront of advancing this idea, bringing it from the margins and onto the national stage.

Take a look at the success of the City-by-City effort that is now beginning to advance on its own momentum. Start or join a local effort to bring this message to your local, state, and national representatives. And please help keep this crucial work going with a year-end donation.

On behalf of a future safe climate,
Michael E. Mann, Distinguished Professor and Director of the Earth System Science Center, Pennsylvania State University

[1] Polling on Green New Deal support is available here.

If you would prefer to donate by PayPal, click here. To donate by check, please send to:
Climate Mobilization Project, 275 9th Street, Suite 150329, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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