Climate Emergency Campaign

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The goal of the Climate Emergency Campaign is to compel governments to adopt an emergency response to climate change and the broader ecological crisis.

When the Climate Mobilization was founded at the People’s Climate March in 2014, there was no climate group publicly organizing around the need for WWII-scale emergency action on climate. We built and launched the Climate Emergency campaign in the U.S. and have worked with grassroots activists, political leaders, and organizations around the world to pass local Climate Emergency Declarations: the #ClimateEmergency movement has won nearly 1000 declarations so far.

Entering emergency mode is the critical first step to launching the comprehensive mobilization required to rescue and rebuild civilization.



U.S. #ClimateEmergency Declaration


On July 9th, 2019, we had a huge breakthrough.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Representative Earl Blumenauer introduced a national Climate Emergency Declaration.

The Climate Emergency Declaration expresses the need for a “economically just and managed phase-out” of fossil fuels and calls for a “national, social, industrial, and economic mobilization” to “halt, reverse, mitigate, and prepare” for the climate crisis and save our world.

Science and lived experience indicates that this is exactly the scale of action we need to take on the climate emergency — but it won’t be an easy win. The Climate Emergency Declaration will need A LOT more support from members of Congress to pass. That’s where you can make a difference.

Will you sign on to fight for our future?

The world needs you now.

 Climate Emergency Declarations

Now spanning…..

Declarations have been made in 13 countries

Local Goverments in 20 countries


1100+ Local Governments


272 million+ people


Current strategic priorities for local campaigns


1. Pass declarations of Climate Emergency with commitment to reach zero emissions and begin carbon drawdown at emergency speed (10 years or less).

2. Local elected leaders become advocates for emergency Climate Mobilization to the public, to other cities, and to state and national gov’ts. 

3. Develop and implement mobilization policy locally, after declaration is passed. 


Join the Local Movement

Declare Climate Emergency in your hometown


1.) Use our organizer toolkit

2.) Use our Climate Emergency Declaration templates

3.) Join a local chapter or start your own

4.) Join forces with your local group to declare a local Climate Emergency

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Resources and Support


On a case-by-case basis (and as capacity allows), our volunteer support teams can offer help with: 

Contact our organizer support liaison here if you have a specific request.


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