Climate Emergency Campaign

We demand governments adopt an emergency response to climate change and the broader ecological crisis. Declaring Climate Emergency is the critical first step to launching the comprehensive mobilization solution required to rescue and rebuild civilization. We are working to compel governments in the United States and throughout the world to declare Climate Emergency. 


Local governments across the planet are taking action.


Over 221 million people are represented by local governments that have declared a Climate Emergency.


Over 1000 local governments in 19 countries have declared a climate emergency and committed to action to drive down emissions at emergency speed.


This data sheet tracks all declarations with links to more info.


Campaign Background

The goal of the Climate Emergency Campaign is to compel governments, starting at the local level and building upward, to adopt an emergency response to climate change and the broader ecological crisis. Entering emergency mode is the critical first step to launching the comprehensive mobilization required to rescue and rebuild civilization.

The Climate Emergency Campaign officially started in the city of Darebin, Australia—whose city government passed the first declaration of climate emergency in December 2016. Because of our work, Hoboken New Jersey became the third city in the world and the first city in the U.S. to declare a Climate Emergency in November, 2017.

Bolstered by a growing number of organizations and individuals, this campaign has spread to thirteen countries and has been adopted by multiple organizations as a rallying cry for the next phase of the climate movement.

Read a concise overview of the history of the “Climate Emergency” global campaign here.

Current strategic priorities for local campaigns

1. Pass declarations of Climate Emergency with commitment to reach zero emissions and begin carbon drawdown at emergency speed (10 years or less).

2. Local elected leaders become advocates for emergency Climate Mobilization to the public, to other cities, and to state and national gov’ts. 

3. Develop and implement mobilization policy locally, after declaration is passed. 

Declaration Templates

Please use our templates to initiate a Climate Emergency Declaration in your local or state government. We ask that you retain the core demands in your resolution.

By declaring that we are in a climate emergency and committing to addressing it in time to avoid the worst outcomes, local governments can become leaders in the Climate Emergency Movement, and inspire other governments to do the same.

Why Focus on local governments?

Cities and local governments have historically been the spark for progress, from minimum wage to civil rights. Local wins inspire other communities to follow and build a mandate for much-needed national mobilizations. For example, the Climate and Environment Emergency Declaration in the United Kingdom started in cities and local councils.

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Resources and Support

On a case-by-case basis (and as capacity allows), our volunteer support teams can offer help with: 


To get started, check out our organizer toolkit, or contact our organizer support liaison here if you have a specific request.


I’m calling on all Angelenos to mobilize once again. We need a World War II-scale mobilization in order to keep our City safe and our planet habitable and resilient. And we need to ensure that we do it in a way that honors frontline communities, ensures equity, and protects workers. I’m asking the creative minds of Los Angeles to join with the grassroots activists in creating the City of the future, not some fictional Tomorrowland, but here, on the ground, in the City of Angels we all love.
— Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz

Are you an elected official or policymaker? 

In the absence of federal leadership, you can use your office to build momentum for safe climate policy upwards, outwards and downwards:  

  • Inspire other local governments to do likewise

  • Take concrete actions and improve the quality of life of the citizens you serve

  • Push State and National governments to do the same