Victory Plan

By Ezra Silk, co-founder and Director of Strategy and Policy of The Climate Mobilization. Foreword by Paul Gilding, former Exec. Director of Greenpeace International

Initial Publication 8/2016,
Revised 3/2019 by Kaela Bamberger

How the U.S. could eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions at wartime speed, contribute to a global effort to restore a safe climate, and reverse ecological overshoot through massive WWII-scale mobilization.

A mobilization on this scale is the only rational response to the level of economic, security, and social risk posed by climate change. Anyone who looks at the evidence objectively would conclude that; and historians will look back and wonder why it took us so long to accept it. So be clear, a mobilization on this scale is simply inevitable, with the only question being when we get started.

-Paul Gilding, Victory Plan-Forward, pg. 5