Represent The Climate Mobilization with our new upcycled T-shirts!

In times of crisis, it's nice to savor a bit of fun news when you can. Which is why we're happy to introduce our new & improved t-shirts! Featuring The Climate Mobilization's logo in the same style as our old shirts, the new ones display the "Iwo Jima" windmill silhouette on the back, so people can see on both sides that you're down to protect civilization as part of the climate resistance.  Continue reading

Stop Trump through the Electoral College on 12/19

Dear Allies, Since Election Day, we have watched in horror as the Trump transition team has prepared to take power over the federal government, the NSA, the Department of Defense, and America’s nuclear weapons stockpile. It is now clear to us that this group of individuals represents the most dangerous organization in world history, as Noam Chomsky recently stated. Continue reading

We play offense. And we need your help!

Allies, we need your help. The Climate Mobilization and Climate Mobilization Project are true grassroots organizations, powered by dedicated volunteers and generous supporters. We call for World War II-scale climate mobilization that eliminates net US emissions in less than 10 years, to protect civilization and the natural world. Our mission is the most ambitious and aggressive platform of any climate organization that I'm aware of. We tell the truth, even though it's hard. Where most climate organizations play defense, we play offense.  Trump’s election and the rise of repressive authoritarian movements across the world makes it all the more important that we continue with this mission. These movements are determined to crush the truth, which is our only hope for survival. Continue reading

Where do we go from here?

Allies— Since Election Day, we at The Climate Mobilization have thought very hard about the implications that a Trump presidency will have on our strategy. We’ve come up with a tentative vision for a new way forward, and we want to hear your thoughts. Continue reading


Allies, We at The Climate Mobilization were not expecting a President Trump. His election shows us that this country is desperate for change, but is still deeply in denial about the truth of the climate emergency. Our organizing plans for the upcoming year were centered around realizing the promises in the Democratic Party Platform of a first 100-days climate emergency summit and a WWII-scale climate mobilization. We are in the process of updating our strategy in light of the drastically altered political situation, and will be in touch very soon with draft strategies for going forward. Our general mandate to spread the truth of the climate crisis and organize power behind the demands for emergency mobilization will remain at the core of our movement. Continue reading

The Path to Climate Mobilization Through Election Day

Fellow Mobilizers, Every week, I check the news and take note of another existential threat to our future, usually related to our systematic destruction of the environment. Yesterday, I noted Donald Trump's rise in the polls, just a few days out from the election.  I am scared that if Donald Trump is elected the president of the United States, it will unleash uncontrollable social and political dynamics that, together with the climate emergency and the limits to growth, will precipitate the collapse of civilization. Continue reading