In Charlottesville and everywhere, solidarity against fascism and white supremacy.

With the rest of you, we were appalled at the explosion of domestic terrorism in Charlottesville, VA, in recent days. We mourn for the life of Heather Heyer, and are praying for her loved ones and for the recovery of the dozens who were injured under attack by white supremacists.  As we mourn, we are also moved and inspired by the incredible courage of the unarmed people and clergy who stood their ground against what amounted to a small militia of Nazi-sympathizers and modern KKK members. We all need this kind of moral courage as we face both the climate and political turmoil ahead. Continue reading

The Planet Is Warming. And It’s Okay to Be Afraid

Last week, David Wallace-Wells wrote a cover story for New York Magazine, “The Uninhabitable Earth,” on some of the worst-case scenarios that the climate crisis could cause by the end of this century. It describes killer heat waves, crippling agricultural failures, devastated economies, plagues, resource wars, and more. It has been read more than two million times. The article has caused a major controversy in the climate community, in part because of some factual errors in the piece — though by and large the piece is an accurate portrayal of worst-case climate catastrophe scenarios. But by far the most significant criticism the piece received was that it was too frightening. Continue reading

The Climate Mobilization Begins in Los Angeles!

Allies, Last Wednesday was historic for the climate mobilization cause in Los Angeles: we joined Naomi Klein, City Councilmember Paul Koretz, Republican Mayor of Lancaster, CA, and a coalition of leading Angeleno community organizers to announce the formation of a Climate Justice Mobilization 2025 working group. Its mission: to achieve a carbon-neutral Los Angeles by 2025, through a WWII-scale climate mobilization rooted in environmental justice and the principles of the Leap Manifesto! Continue reading

Way Beyond Paris: Trump's National Shame — and an Opportunity for All Of Us

It was widely reported yesterday that the Trump Administration is poised to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Today at 3pm, Donald Trump will hold a reality-TV type ceremony in the Rose Garden to announce his decision. Climate Mobilization Director Margaret Klein Salamon issued the following statement: Continue reading

People's Climate March: Join the Transformation Decade Bloc!

On Saturday, April 29, people from all over America are converging in Washington, D.C. for jobs, justice, and a safe climate at the People's Climate March, and holding sister events around the country.  The Climate Mobilization is a proud partner of the march, and will be participating in a great series of events in and around the March in the days leading up to 4/29 in D.C. We hope to see you there! If you can't make it to D.C., represent us at your local People's Climate March! You can download and print The Climate Mobilization's art and signs, including banners, posters, flyers, and other materials. You can also help spread the word on social media! Here's what we're up to in D.C.: Continue reading

Blueprint for a Climate Emergency Movement

Allies— After Donald Trump’s election, we went back to the drawing board. “How are we going to successfully commence climate mobilization under these insane political conditions?!” we asked. We devoted hundreds of hours to reading, conversation and study to attempt to answer this question. We are now excited to share some of the conclusions we came to, in the form of our Blueprint for a Climate Emergency Movement, developed collaboratively by The Climate Mobilization and authored by Anya Grenier. We solicited feedback from a number of organizers, writers and allies working in different parts of the climate movement and other movement struggles during this process.  Continue reading