People's Climate March: Join the Transformation Decade Bloc!

On Saturday, April 29, people from all over America are converging in Washington, D.C. for jobs, justice, and a safe climate at the People's Climate March, and holding sister events around the country.  The Climate Mobilization is a proud partner of the march, and will be participating in a great series of events in and around the March in the days leading up to 4/29 in D.C. We hope to see you there! If you can't make it to D.C., represent us at your local People's Climate March! You can download and print The Climate Mobilization's art and signs, including banners, posters, flyers, and other materials. You can also help spread the word on social media! Here's what we're up to in D.C.: Continue reading

Blueprint for a Climate Emergency Movement

Allies— After Donald Trump’s election, we went back to the drawing board. “How are we going to successfully commence climate mobilization under these insane political conditions?!” we asked. We devoted hundreds of hours to reading, conversation and study to attempt to answer this question. We are now excited to share some of the conclusions we came to, in the form of our Blueprint for a Climate Emergency Movement, developed collaboratively by The Climate Mobilization and authored by Anya Grenier. We solicited feedback from a number of organizers, writers and allies working in different parts of the climate movement and other movement struggles during this process.  Continue reading

March with Us in DC—and Other Ways to Fight Back!

Allies — With its recent attacks, the Trump presidency is priming millions of Americans to enter climate emergency mode. The movement for a safe climate is only growing stronger. Continue reading

San Diego Climate Mobilization Rally Builds On Anti-Trump Fervor

On Tuesday evening, San Diegans turned out en masse outside their city's federal building to resist President Donald Trump's policy of climate change denial, and to rally for a massive national mobilization to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions within a decade, revitalize the American economy with full employment, and restore a safe climate. The event, organized by the San Diego chapter of The Climate Mobilization led by La Jolla couple Nancy and Derek Casady, was the latest in a groundswell of local demonstrations after Trump's election, reported the San Diego Union Tribune. Police estimated that about 500 people attended, while organizers estimated upwards of 1,000 — over 2,600 had RSVP'ed on the Facebook event page.  Continue reading

Represent The Climate Mobilization with our new upcycled T-shirts!

In times of crisis, it's nice to savor a bit of fun news when you can. Which is why we're happy to introduce our new & improved t-shirts! Featuring The Climate Mobilization's logo in the same style as our old shirts, the new ones display the "Iwo Jima" windmill silhouette on the back, so people can see on both sides that you're down to protect civilization as part of the climate resistance.  Continue reading

Stop Trump through the Electoral College on 12/19

Dear Allies, Since Election Day, we have watched in horror as the Trump transition team has prepared to take power over the federal government, the NSA, the Department of Defense, and America’s nuclear weapons stockpile. It is now clear to us that this group of individuals represents the most dangerous organization in world history, as Noam Chomsky recently stated. Continue reading