Climate Mobilization

A whole-society mobilization

To protect our world from the Climate Emergency, we need a radical approach: a whole-society mobilization to restore a safe climate.

Mobilization is an emergency restructuring of a modern industrial economy, accomplished at rapid speed. It involves the vast majority of citizens, the utilization of a very high proportion of available resources, and impacts all areas of society – nothing less than a government-coordinated social and industrial revolution.

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Vote Like Your Life Depends Upon It

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What is Necessary?

National Vision

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Emergency- speed transition

An “all-hands on deck” approach to transition to a zero emissions economy as quickly as possible.

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100% renewables and reduced energy use

A managed, just phase-out of fossil fuels, rapid rollout of renewable energy, and widespread energy efficiency initiatives.

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Safe drawdown of GHGs

A massive effort to sequester excess greenhouse gases through natural drawdown solutions, along with research and development of safe technological drawdown methods.

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Rebuild transportation

An overhaul of our transport system: high speed electrified railroads, new public transit options, new forms of fuel replacement, and car-free cities.

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Transform agriculture

A rapid shift from industrial agriculture to localized, regenerative farming with limits on livestock production and a phase-out of factory farming.

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Restore ecosystems

A half-earth conservation and ocean-protection program to halt the ongoing mass extinction of species and restore degraded ecosystems.

Victory Plan

We can build the pathway to a regenerative future.​

A climate mobilization effort means not only preventing unimaginable suffering from climate and environmental catastrophe, but also working to reinvent our economy to address the social inequities on which the extractive economy has been based. We can phase out polluting industries that are harmful to human and non-human life, and create new pathways for equitable, sustainable livelihoods. We can reinvigorate local economies with new industries that protect the climate while providing dignified, productive work for all. 

Active Petition

Tell congress to declare a climate emergency now

Now is the time for action. Now, while there is still a chance to make a real difference. Don’t wait. Send a letter to your Representative and Senator asking them to wake up and declare a climate emergency and take action that matches the scale of the emergency now, before it’s too late.

There is no time left for multi-decade transition scenarios. At this late hour targets based around 2050 are clearly not sufficient.