Climate Truth

Facing the Climate Emergency

An existential crisis is unfolding around us and humanity must change course or perish. Yet we have been living in a trance of collective denial. It’s up to us to help society wake up.

Yes, we’re facing catastrophic breakdown of our climate. Yes, it’s terrifying. But you don’t have to be paralyzed by your fear, grief, and other painful feelings.

You can use your pain to transform yourself, your friends, and the world. 

Our goal is to help you maximize your potential to meet the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced.

A new genre:

A radical self-help guide for reckoning with the climate emergency

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At this point
“Margaret Klein Salamon is an invaluable guide to this new moment.”
-Bill McKibben

“A movement has been born, and Margaret’s voice played an early role in helping to bring it into existence.”
-Varshini Prakash

Executive Director & Co-Founder, Sunrise Movement
“Margaret’s prescient writing and unflinching honesty helped to inform much of the psychological groundwork that underpins the work and philosophies of XR and the entire climate emergency movement.”
-Gail Bradbrook

Co-Founder, Extinction Rebellion
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5 Steps of the journey

Step 1

Face Climate Truth

Inside all of us, a battle rages. It’s the battle between knowing and not knowing, between fully facing the truth — emotionally, as well as intellectually — and shrinking from it. Ask yourself, “What is my priority?” Would you rather protect yourself from painful knowledge or protect yourself, your family, and the entire human family from the actual climate emergency? A truth, even a painful truth, is powerful.

Step 2

Welcome Fear, Grief, and Other Painful Feelings

Facing the climate emergency is hard. But your pain is a signal — it’s telling you something critically important. You must work through your fear, grief, anger, guilt, and all the feelings you’ve repressed. Only then will you escape the control these feelings have over you. Only then will you shake off their numbing and paralytic effect and be able to use their power to transform yourself and our society.

Step 3

Reimagine Your Life Story

Who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose? The climate emergency challenges the answers we thought we had and invites us to revisit them anew. Right now, humanity needs as many heroes as it can get. This designation might feel over the top. It might make you uncomfortable. But everything in your life, including your most painful challenges, has prepared you for this role. Will you join the team?

Step 4

Understand and Enter Emergency Mode

Humans are social animals. The way we respond to threats is highly contagious. The goal of the climate emergency movement must be to collectively and immediately lead the public out of “normal mode” and into emergency mode. Emergency mode describes how individuals and groups function optimally during an existential crisis and especially how they are able achieve incredible feats through intensely focused motivation and collaboration toward a clear, top priority of tackling the emergency.

Step 5

Join the Climate Emergency Movement

Once you’ve mourned your loses and built emotional muscle, you will be ready to join the team rising to save humanity and the natural world. We are a movement transforming fear and grief into real and meaningful action. By joining the climate emergency movement, you are choosing the heroic road over the easy road; you are choosing mission over self.

Live as a Climate Warrior

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Vote Like Your Life Depends Upon It

Placeholder … Do we want to live or die? In 2020 we decide.

Inside all of us, a battle rages. It’s the battle between knowing and not knowing, between fully facing the truth — emotionally, as well as intellectually — and shrinking from it.